TBH Volunteers Recognized at Awards Banquet

The Bellevue Hospital (TBH) is thankful for our amazing team of volunteers who, over the years, have played a vital role in keeping our hospital running smoothly. 

From the moment you walk through the doors at TBH...you notice a difference. You are welcomed into our family and surrounded by caring individuals who make a noticeable difference.  Our volunteers shine by offering assistance, sharing time and touching the lives of others.

Volunteers at TBH serve in many capacities at the hospital.  They welcome guests, escort patients and families, perform clerical duties and serve in the gift shop. Our 84 active volunteers collectively gave more than 13,500 hours of their time in 2018.

As a small token of appreciation to all the men and women who give so much back to our hospital and community, TBH held an annual appreciation dinner on April 25 at the Bellevue Society for the Arts. Volunteers were recognized for the number of hours donated and received "thank you" gifts. The evening wrapped up with a special performance by the Bellevue High School Women's Choir. 

Thank you to TBH's volunteers - for bringing such a positive energy to the hospital and for leading by example!


Recognized for giving 100 lifetime hours are, from left: Dave Schmidt, 
Sharon McHenry, Jim McClain, Judy Konst and Sandy French. 
(Not pictured is Morgan Dendinger.)

Jan Smith received recognition for donating 300 hours. 
(Not pictured are Carol Bishop and Renee Noe.)

Tom Felder and Karen Lieber recevied recognition for
giving 500 volunteer hours. 

Susan Felder has given 600 volunteer hours to TBH. 
(Not pictured is Darlene Watts.)

Clyde Martin and Kathy Collins have each donated 800
volunteer hours.

Sue Steinmetz and Sue Hollingsworth each receive certificates for donating 900 volunteer hours
to TBH. 

John Harris was recognized for giving 1,000 hours to

Marilyn McDaniel has given a total of 1,100 hours as a
TBH volunteer. (Not pictured is Wilma Seamon)

Recognized for donating 1,200 hours each are 
Alice Adams and Barbara Davis. (Not pictured are
Beverly Falter and Sue Ruffing.)

Sue Schmidt received recognition for giving 1,300 hours
to TBH. (Not pictured is Carm Christman.)

Steve Wagner has donated 1,400 total volunteer hours
during his time at TBH. 

Recognized for donating 1,500 volunteer hours each are
Dee Butler and Vernetta Vallimont. 

Buzz Dayringer had given 1,700 volunteer hours to TBH. 

Sam Maynard is congratulated by Nancy Nickoli, Gift Shop
Manager and Volunteer Coordinator, for his 2,000 
volunteer hours. 

Jack Wooten received recognition for donating 2,500
total volunteer hours to TBH. (Not pictured is Shirley
Warder who has donated 2,600 hours.)

Bill Fontana has donated 2,800 total volunteer hours
to TBH. (Not pictured is Margie Jones.)

Kathy Vickery received recognition for her 3,200 
hours given. (Not pictured is Mary Ann Lavine 
who has given 3,100 volunteer hours). 

Recognized for donating 3,300 hours each are 
Susan Lemmon and Carolyn Warner. 

Cat Valero has donated 3,500 volunteer hours to TBH.

Bob Beck was recognized for donating 3,800 volunteer
hours to TBH.

Recognized for donating 4,000 volunteer hours each are 
JoAnne Cook and Rose Fay. 

LaVohn Hunter received a certificate for donating 
4,400 volunteer hours to the hospital. 

Gerri Ware was recognized for 5,300 volunteer hours
she has given during her time at TBH. 

Ellie Beck received recognition for the 6,000
volunteer hours she has given to TBH. 

Ginny Konst was recognized as the volunteer who 
has donated the most hours to TBH. Ginny has graciously
given a total of 6,400 hours to the hospital. 

The awards program wrapped up with a beautiful permormance by
the Bellevue High School's Women's Choir. 


                   Below is a list of The Bellevue Hospital's Active Volunteers