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The Bellevue Hospital Foundation was established to oversee all contributions made to The Bellevue Hospital. As a subsidiary corporation, the Foundation is able to protect the Hospital’s assets and follow “not-for-profit” guidelines established by the Internal Revenue Service. The Foundation is a 501 c (3) and uses all contributions and gifts solely for Hospital projects and services. Read More >

The Bellevue Hospital (TBH) and its pain management partner, Pain Management Group, recently welcomed Naren Lakshmipathy, M.D. (Dr. Ned) to the pain management team. Dr. Ned is a fellowship-trained pain management physician and brings to the local area over 20 years of experience evaluating,...
The Bellevue Hospital (TBH) Foundation made Valentine's Day extra special for Norbert Didion of Bellevue, OH, as his name was drawn as the grand prize winner in the 13th annual “Is Your Heart Set on a Vette” Corvette Raffle. The winning ticket was #1068. A video of the raffle may be seen below. ...