About The Foundation

In 1994, The Bellevue Hospital established a Foundation with the mission to “assist the hospital in the expansion of community health through education and community participation.”

The original Foundation Board of Trustees consisted of: Robert Regula, Chairman; Dwight Hogue, Vice-Chairman; Stanley Manbeck, Treasurer; Gail Foos, Secretary; Michael Allen, Ted Ball, M.D., Paul Burson, M.D., Gene Dean, Stephen Kemper, Clayton Miller, Marti Moyer, K. Brian Pugh, Pat Sullivan, Charles Sabo, Marvin Rettig, and Michael K. Winthrop.

Today, the Foundation Board is active within the Hospital’s service area to build upon and further its mission. The goals of the Foundation are to assist in the expansion of community services in healthcare facilities; equipment; healthcare programs; educate and increase community participation in Foundation functions; strengthen and increase the Hospital’s financial base; and to protect the Hospital’s assets.

The Bellevue Hospital Foundation was established to oversee all contributions made to The Bellevue Hospital. As a subsidiary corporation, the Foundation is able to protect the Hospital’s assets and follow “not-for-profit” guidelines established by the Internal Revenue Service. The Foundation is a 501 c (3) and uses all contributions and gifts solely for Hospital projects and services.

Contributions and gifts to the Foundation can be made through a variety of ways: annual gifts by individuals; donations from businesses and corporations; matching gifts from employers; planned gifts from trusts or wills; and memorial contributions.

The Bellevue Hospital Foundation’s major accomplishment was successfully completing a capital campaign to fund the building of a new hospital. Along the way, the Foundation has been able to fund numerous community outreach programs, educational programs for the community and staff, and equipment purchases for the Hospital.

The 2022 Foundation Board of Trustees includes: 

Chris Caputo, Chair

Gary Steinle, Vice Chair

Donna Hall, Secretary

Marie Archer, Treasurer

Denis Sabo, Director

Brett Barth

Tim Buit

Lauren Burkhart

Bill Brugnone

Carrie Condon

James Davis IV

Dan Higgins

David Jarvis

Nathan Samsa, D.O.

Sherri Wilhelm

Michael K. Winthrop

Caleb Wynbissinger