TBH Receives First Doses of Moderna Vaccine for COVID-19

The Bellevue Hospital  (TBH) received its first 100 doses of the Moderna vaccine and began administering it on Tuesday, December 29 to healthcare personnel who have direct contact with COVID-19 patients

Dr. Jack Hay, an emergency room physician at TBH, was one of the first staff members to receive the vaccine.

“I feel our role as healthcare providers is our willingness to undergo therapies that we are recommending to our patients,” said Dr. Hay. “So, I am hoping by showing my willingness to get this vaccine, it will encourage others to do the same.”

Samantha Hartman, a registered nurse in the emergency room, also received a vaccine on Tuesday.

“I received this vaccine to hopefully keep from taking this home to my family,” Hartman said. “This will take away some of the stress of coming to work every day.”

In the early stages of COVID-19 vaccine distribution, doses are available in limited supply for specific critical populations, including healthcare workers, as a part of a phased approach.

“Using all the tools available to help prevent the spread of the virus continues to be critical until a substantial number of Ohioans can be vaccinated,” said Timothy A. Buit, TBH’s president and chief executive officer. “Continuing to wear masks and social distance will reduce your chance of being exposed to or spreading the virus. Proper prevention measures coupled with the vaccine will provide the best protection from COVID-19.”

To learn more about the vaccine and Ohio’s phased approach to distribution, visit coronavirus.ohio.gov.