TBH Foundation Presents MVP Awards to BHS Seniors

  • From left: Dalton Hay, Dennis Sabo, Director of The Bellevue Hospital Foundation, and Payton Vogel.

Trophies for the Most Valuable Male and Female Athletes at Bellevue High School (BHS) for 2018-19 were presented this week by The Bellevue Hospital Foundation.

Formerly known as The Gazette Awards, the trophies were presented to senior Dalton Hay and senior Payton Vogel after a vote of all coaches at BHS. The awards have been presented for over seven decades to the one female and one male athlete representative of being the most valuable over the course of the entire school year.

“With the demise of The Bellevue Gazette three years ago, The Bellevue Hospital Foundation is proud to step in and sponsor these trophies for the foreseeable future,” said Foundation Director Dennis Sabo. “The entire Family of The Bellevue Hospital congratulates both Hay and Vogel for their accomplishments both on the athletic fields and in the classroom. We wish them both continued success for their futures.”