TBH Employees Assist With Disaster Relief Efforts

  • Members of The Bellevue Hospital's Administration Team present checks for the Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico Hospital Associations for disaster relief.

The Hurricane Season of 2017 was record breaking.

In August, Hurricane Harvey became the costliest hurricane in history, $125 billion, making landfall in Texas.

In September, Hurricane Irma became the first Category 5 hurricane of the season hitting Florida.

And again in September, Hurricane Maria reached Category 5 status and went on to become the 10th most intense Atlantic hurricane on record. Maria was also the deadliest of 2017 with over 500 deaths, mostly in Puerto Rico.

It is during these times, the Family of The Bellevue Hospital (TBH) has stood together in helping to raise money to send to fellow hospital employees directly impacted by disasters.

TBH worked with the American Hospital Association in helping to set up a disaster relief fund to go directly to the hospital workers affected by these disasters.

Because of our employees generously contributing vacation hours and adding the amount to the amount of money raised from food items (popcorn, cookies, and caramel apples) sold during Bellevue United Selective Fund, and finally combined with the generosity of The Bellevue Hospital to match the dollar amount donated---A grand total of $21,000 has been donated.

The donation was divided equally between the Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico Hospital Associations to be distributed to hospital employees who experienced property loss or damage from the hurricanes.

TBH continues to keep those affected in our thoughts as they rebuild.