Robin Reed named OHA Health Care Worker of the Year nominee from The Bellevue Hospital

Robin Reed Announced as TBH Nominee for OHA Award            

            Robin Reed, a registered nurse in TBH’s Post Anesthesia Care Unit, was named nominee for the 2018 Ohio Hospital Association’s (OHA) Albert E. Dyckes Health Care Worker of the Year Award.  

            The Albert E. Dyckes Health Care Worker of the Year Award has been given annually since 1996 to one Ohio caregiver who personifies a leader, gives back to the community, and routinely goes beyond the call of duty and has overcome odds to succeed.  The see the OHA 2018 Nominees, CLICK HERE.

            The hospital staff nominated Robin for the award with some of the following information:

            “Robin has a true passion for what she does.  Her gift is making people feel special, loved and cared for. Robin began her healthcare career as a nurse’s aide for a home health program while pursuing her nursing degree. Robin then began working at The Bellevue Hospital and for the past 21 years has worked in the Medical/Surgical, Intensive Care and Surgery Departments. Robin is always working to improve her technical skills, hospital department and hospital procedures. She is vital in training new PACU employees, because of her ability to instill the same ethical and quality standards and high performance expectations she has in them. Her theory is simple – provide patients and families with the very best of care and comfort because they are members of your family. Her teaching mantra is: “What can we do better and how can we learn from this?” Robin is cool and collected during any stressful or life-threatening situation. She takes control during critical moments and her employees are confident in her skills as a nurse. They follow her direction, her lead and learn by her example. Patients ask for her as their nurse – they trust her care and caring.”

                “We care about patients as members of our family,” begins our Mission Statement, and Robin is the epitome of this statement. Throughout her career, Robin anticipates and exceeds the expectations of her patients and their families. Robin is always willing to answer questions patients or loved ones may have and explains things in a way that makes them feel positive about their healing process. Robin’s compassion is shown in the way she offers reassuring words to a patient worried about recovery. It’s shown in the way she gives an extra blanket to a patient for warmth and comfort. It’s shown in the way she offers a friendly hand to hold when someone’s afraid about a surgical procedure. Always with a smile on her face, Robin’s sense of humor makes patients feel at ease during a time when they are often uncomfortable. She uses laughter to help cheer up her patients, families and co-workers throughout the day. The saying “Laughter is the best medicine” rings true for her patients. She’s the ultimate advocate for our patients, our hospital and our community – because she cares for all of us as members of her family – it shows and we feel it.”

Past nominees representing The Bellevue Hospital for this award include –

Marvin Rettig-2008;

Mary Chappell-2009;

Eileen Hay-2010;

Chad Reed-2011;

Connie Powell-2012;

Cathy Kashmer-2013;

Kim Stults-2104;

Patti Keller -2015;

Denise Bullion-2016;

And Dawn Bova - 2017 

Robin will represent TBH at the OHA Recognition Dinner in Columbus in June.

Join us in congratulating Robin, and thank her for all she has done for the hospital and for our community!