Recent Harvests

Aug. 27, 2020

Harvests are in full swing. In the past three weeks we have harvested over 21 lbs. of onions and about 5 lbs. of green beans. The butterfly garden is also doing well. We have had several "visitors" to the butterly garden recently. This week it was a Monarch. Monarchs go through four cycles while they are in the northern states, with the first ones emerging in May. These then lay eggs for the next set and so on until the fourth set emerges to take the long migrational trip to Mexico. I have seen flutterlies and swallowtail caterpillars in the garden also. 

I’m not sure we will have another bean harvest unless we get some rain. Time will tell.  Thank you to our garden volunteers Connie, Bob, Patti Gray and Donna for helping out with weeding and harvesting this year.  It has not been our best year for produce, but we had a lot working against us. Definitely circumstances beyond our control. Next month, probably late September, I will be winterizing the butterfly garden. The mint will need to be pruned back or it will crowd out the lemon balm. We also plan to let the weeds grow in the garden boxes to help keep the soil in for the winter. 

It has been great working with everyone this year and I plan on only giving one more report which will be the year end report later next month. 

Thanks again!