Parking Lot Construction at TBH

Please pardon our parking lot construction. We are currently resurfacing our parking lots for improved quality. 

Currently the resurfacing schedule is as follows (subject to change):

  • Wednesday, 9/20 - Main Entrance (South) Parking Lot
  • Thursday, 9/21 - Employee Parking Lot (South)
  • Friday, 9/22 - Patient Entrance (East)
  • Monday, 9/25 - Emergency Room and Cardiopulmonary Visitor Parking Lot (East)
  • Tuesday, 9/26 - Ambulance and Emergency Room Entrance (West)

These parking lot sections will be closed off on the scheduled dates while resurfacing is taking place. We apologize for any inconvenience to our patients and visitors.

If you have any questions, please contact Diane Darr, Director of Support Services, at 419.483.4040, Ext. 4400.