Butterfly Garden Updates

July 7, 2020

The plants in the butterfly garden are starting to do well. The milkweed in the garden will get about four inches tall and will add a nice height to the garden. The violets that were planted earlier this season are starting to grow larger, although many of the violet plants have died due to the lack of rain. The violet plants that are left are naturalizing very well. A new tenant has moved in to the butterfly garden - a swallowtail butterly larvae. Swallowtails like dill which we have quite a bit of in the garden this year. All that remains to be done this year in the butterfly garden is to remove the horse thistles, morning glories and oxalis from the garden. This will help us continue to grow the area with more plants suitable to the butterflies. Last week garlic was also harvested from the butterfly garden and was cleaned and donated to Fish & Loaves food pantry this week.

To date, the vegetable garden on the east side of the hospital's campus has produced 60 lbs. of strawberries, 3 lbs. of lettuce and 8 lbs. of radishes. The green beans are starting to erupt and a good thunderstorm would help with giving them a good start. Thank you again to our volunteers who have helped with weeding and harvesting. We couldn't do this without you!