8th Annual D. Ross Irons 5K Run Results

  • Overall Male Champion: Brian Hackenburg; Overall Male Masters: Dave Fisher; Overall Female Champion: Jackie Hamernik; Overall Female Masters: Angie Satterfield.
  • Participants of The Bellevue Hospital's Couch-to-5K program concluded their nine-week training by participating in the D. Ross Irons Memorial 5K.

            The Bellevue Hospital Foundation hosted the eighth annual D. Ross Irons Memorial 5K Run/Walk on Friday, July 26 at Central Park in Bellevue in coordination with the city’s BellevUNITY festival. The event was co-sponsored by Bellevue's Anytime Fitness and Home Savings Bank. Proceeds from the event will benefit women’s and children’s health programming at the hospital.

            Results are: (runners and walkers combined)

            Overall female champion, Jackie Hamernik, 27:12. Overall male champion, Brian Hackenburg, 18:48. Female master champion, Angie Satterfield, 29:39. Male master champion, Dave Fisher, 22:23.

·     6-9: None in category.

·     10-13: Females: Grace Ried, 35:17; Males: Liam Rickel, 32:10.

·     14-19: Females: Hannah Ried, 35:17; Breanne Veliz, 41:25. Males: None in category.

·     20-29: Females: Karleigh Cooper, 68:54; Jami Shuman, 68:54. Males: Anthony Panfalone, 25:17.

·     30-39: Females: Jackie Hamernik; Jennifer Meadows, 27:42; Jane Hahn, 29:09. Males: Adam Hamernik, 23:09; Ben Wallingford, 27:33; Robert Huber, 30:35. 

·     40-49: Females: Angie Satterfield, 29:30; Tammy Schaffer, 36:15; Samantha Custer, 44:23 . Males: Brian Hakenburg, 18:48; John Custer, 44:24.

·     50-59: Females: Julie Polter, 30:12; Madeline Keller, 33:05; Colleen Rife, 40:39. Males: Dave Fisher, 22:23; James Davis IV, 27:48.

·     60-69: Females: Elena Brown, 41:10; Pamela Schubert, 57:08; Ann Berenbaum, 57:09a. Male: Dave Wallingford, 24:04; Tom Coe, 26:21; Dale Schubert, 57:10.  

·     70-over: Females: None in category. Males: Willard Rife, 34:13.

             Participants of The Bellevue Hospital’s Couch-to-5K program concluded their nine-week training plan by running in the D. Ross Irons Memorial 5K. The training program was free and co-sponsored by Bellevue’s Anytime Fitness. Prizes for Couch-to-5K participants were awarded based on the number of meetings and trainings attended and the completion of the D. Ross Irons 5K. Karleigh Cooper, Couch-to-5K participant, was randomly drawn as the winner of a new FitBit.