Hope for the Holidays Adult Bereavement

Wed, 11/11/2020 - 6:00pm to 8:30pm

Stein Hospice adult bereavement coordinators conduct the classes. Anyone in the community who has suffered the loss of an adult loved one is welcome to attend and join with others who are grieving. This service is completely free of charge to all participants.

The sessions focus on helping the bereaved understand and move forward in the grief process, by facilitating their expression and identification of thoughts and feelings in the grief process; identifying, developing and utilizing healthy coping mechanisms; helping with problem solving around adjustment issues; addressing emotional, cognitive, physical, social and spiritual grief reactions and concerns; and assisting the bereaved to adapt to an environment without the deceased with guidance to experience a transformed relationship with them.

TBH Conference Rooms A & B

For additional information or to register, contact the Stein Hospice Bereavement Department at 419.625.5269.